The Order Process

You can place an order in a number of ways

  • via our online order form

  • fax us an order using our order form

  • using our on-line template*

Processing the Order: 

The order process time varies depending upon the physcial variables of your order, (ie. paper type, ink color/s, type of print (offset or digital), quanity and the like.)

To keep your cost down, orders organized and processed as quickly and accurately as possible, we have a very defined process. Once we receive your order, our customer service specialists process the paperwork in our system. Once this is done, the orders are placed in bin locations that coincide to the specifics of each job.

The department manager accesses the paperwork, obtains the artwork and processes the orders for proofing. (processing the order can be anything from pulling the artwork from our online system, our e-mail, or from a reorder number given to us on the order form.

Once the artwork has been proofed and any corrections made the artwork gets setup for plates, digital printing, or sent to the customer for proofing and approval to print.

Orders ready to start the final step – printing.

The ink:

We have a list of standard colors we use on a daily/weekly basis.

If a special ink is requested, our press operators organize the special orders in as effecient a way as possible. Click here to see our standard ink colors.

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The paper- We keep several types of card stock, letterhead, and envelopes in stock.

If you require a speciality paper, once your order has been received, the paper will be ordered and sent to us usually within the next couple of days.)  Click here to see what we keep in stock.

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Questions? Contact Us!

* templates are created for a specific job/company’s layout. Contact our customer service for information.

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